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"Who would of ever thought therapy could make me laugh and cry at the same time. I went through such a range of emotions during my sessions with Beckie, she was so in tune with how I was feeling and would always help me challenge myself, I said things out loud I never thought I would tell anyone, she made me face my truth. I would highly recommend Beckie and would not hesitate in returning should I ever need to in future, a warm, caring witty character who made me feel valued."

Jason, Age 28

"My sessions with Beckie have been so helpful, she has a way of explaining things that just made something click for me. From then on with her suggestions and guidance I was very quickly able to change the way I responded to others as well as reassessing what I put my time and energy into, which in turn reduced my stress and anxiety. She has such a way of just putting thing into perspective, also in such a short time, we had only four sessions and I can honestly say this therapy was a complete game changer for me, I haven't felt this happy for a long time."

Mark, Age 36

"Beckie was very easy to talk too. She is extremely relatable – sharing where appropriate her own insights and experiences which bring situations to life and help me understand my difficulties. She has a real skill, a way of explaining things which I know will stay with me and help me with many situations to come. She really put things into perspective and helped to instil confidence in my ability to cope and manage my emotions".

Rose, age 28

"From the first meeting, Beckie put me at ease, she explained everything really well and never judged me. The sessions have been immensely helpful, I feel so much more confident especially in my job and in relationships. I am able to approach situations more calmly and look at situations from a different perspective. Thank you so much for all your help"

Joanne, Age 29

“Thank you for being very clear about everything and incredibly calm and patient especially I was very very frustrated. I get easily confused, you made you feel very at ease. The therapist was very knowledgeable about options and had a great understanding of my complex difficulties, even though it was made up of many different problems both physical and psychological. I find most people in her position are very limited in their horizons and awareness of others feelings, yet she knew exactly what impact my problems were having, could see how it was all connected and was able to quickly explain that back to me to help me make sense of that – nobody has ever been able to grasp what I see to be such complex problems in the way that she did”

Dean, Age 36

"Beckie has been brilliant, always felt listened to, never judged me. She spent time sending me links and information by email relevant to my problem following our sessions which helped 110%. Beckie has given me the lift and help I needed to enjoy life again. I would not hesitate in getting back in touch in future if I needed hep again and would always recommend to friends"

Alan, Age 38

"I cannot thank Beckie enough for all her help. After receiving bad news about my health, I felt like my world had shattered, I could see no way forward and was completely over whelmed. Beckie took her time to really help me make sense of things from my prognosis, to my medication, side effects of treatment to how the diagnosis impacted on other areas of my life. I guess I was pushing everyone away, but I can now say that I am spending quality time with my family and friends, I have reached out to people for help and basically faced situations that I would have never done alone"

Margaret, Age 55

"I had been struggling with habits for many years that I have hidden from others! Beckie was so patient, she drew out pictures helping to my my head round what I was doing because I really felt like I had absolutely no control over this, when I was stressed it's like it took over y life. I cannot describe how free I feel now, I save so much time each day. I never would of thought this was something I could change. Beckie you are wonderful! would highly recommend you to anyone struggling with obsessive thoughts and habits! just brilliant!"

Lorraine, Age 43

"Beckie has helped me, I can't thank her enough. It has made a big difference to my day-to-day life. I feel so much happier and confident with the tools she has taught me. Being able to help someone learn how to help themselves is truly a talent. "

Kathryn, Age 48

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